waves introduction

waves introduction


Waves – Introduction Video







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Waves – Introduction Video





These <b>Science</b> and <b>Mathematics videos </b>Ideal for wall projection.

Learning made easy for any Concept you may have missed during normal class sessions.

We have;

<b>Biology Videos</b>

<b>Chemistry Videos</b>

<b>Physics Videos</b> and

<b>Mathematics Videos</b>. Welcome


<b>Physics Videos </b>




Introduction To Physics

Branches Of Physics

Relationship Between Physics Other Subjects And Technology

Career Opportunities In Physics And Laboratory Safety Rules

First Aid Measures

Basic Physical Quantities And Their Si Units


Curved Lengths

Estimation Of Length


Area Of Irregularly Shaped Objects


Volume Of Liquids And Volume Of Irregularly Shaped Solids



Measurement Of Density

Problems Involving Density


Definition Of Force

Types Of Forces

Surface Tension

Mass Weight And Their Relationship

Scalar And Vector Quantities

Pressure In Solids

Pressure In Liquids

Factors Affecting Pressure In Fluid And Derivation Of Fluid Pressure Formula

Pascal’s Principle

Applications Of Pascal’s Principle Hydraulic Lift

Applications Of Pascal’s Principle Hydraulic Break System

Measurement Of Pressure U Tube Manometer

Measurement Of Pressure Mercury Barometer

Applications Of Pressure The Bicycle Pump And The Siphon

Applications Of Pressure The Lift Pump

Applications Of Pressure The Force Pump

Particulate Nature Of Matter Introduction

Brownian Motion

Particle Arrangement And Change Of State

Diffusion In Liquids And Gases

Thermal Expansion


Features Of A Common Thermometer

Temperature Scale

Celsius And Kelvin Scales

Clinical Thermometers And Other Types Of Thermometers

Thermal Expansion And Contraction In Solids

Application Of Thermal Expansion In Solids

The Bimetallic Strip

Thermal Expansion In Liquids

The Anomalous Expansion Of Water

Thermal Expansion In Gases

Heat And Temperature

Conductivity Of Substances

Thermal Conductivity Of Various Solids

Thermal Conductivity In Liquids

Thermal Conductivity In Gases

Convection Currents


Applications Of Thermal Radiation

Rectilinear Propagation Of Light Introduction

Pin Hole Camera

Reflection At Plane Surfaces

Plane Mirrors

Application Of Reflection At Plane Surfaces

Electrostatics Introduction

Law Of Charges

Methods Of Charging Charging By Induction

Methods Of Charging Charging By Contact

Methods Of Charging Charging By Separation

Gold Leaf Electroscope

Circuit Symbols

Simple Electric Circuit

Series And Parallel Connection Of Cells

Series And Parallel Connection Of Bulbs

Sources Of Electricity

The Dry Cell

Secondary Cells

Care And Maintenance Of Secondary Cells

Introduction To Magnets

Directional Property Of Magnets

Magnetic And Non Magnetic Materials

Basic Law Of Magnetism And Types Of Magnets

Magnetic Field Patterns

Domains Theory


Methods Of Magnetisation And Demagnetisation

Hard And Soft Magnetic Materials

Measurement Of Length Using Vernier Callipers

Zero Error For A Vernier Callipers

Measurement Of Length Micrometer Screw-gauge

Decimal Places Significant Figures And Standard Form

The Oil Drop Experiment

Moment Of A Force

Principle Moments

Equal And Anti Parallel Forces

Applications Of Anti Parallel Forces

Introduction To Equilibrium And Center Of Gravity

Centre Of Gravity Experiment.

States Of Equilibrium

Factors Affecting Stability And Application Of Stability

Types Of Curved Mirrors

Principal Axis Principal Focus Centre Of Curvature And Related Terms

Image Formation

Image Formation By Concave Mirrors

Image Formation By Convex Mirrors


The Mirror Formula

Applications Of Curved Mirrors

Magnetic Field Due To Current

Magnetic Field Patterns A Solenoid

Factors Affecting Strength Of An Electromagnet

Applications Of Electromagnets

The Motor Effect

Simple Motor

Hooke’s Law

Combination Of Springs

Problems On Hooke’s Law

Energy Stored In A Spring

Waves – Introduction

Waves Introduction

Transverse Waves

Longitudinal Waves

Wave Motion

Speed Wavelength And Frequency

Sound Nature And Sources

Propagation Of Sound

Factors Affecting Speed Of Sound

Applications Of Speed Of Sound

Problems On Velocity Of Sound

Streamline And Turbulent Flow

Rate Of Flow Of Fluids

Equation Of Continuity

Problems On Equation Of Continuity

Bernoulli’s Effect & Applications

Hazards Of Bernoullis Effect

Introduction To Linear Motion

Distance And Displacement

Speed Velocity Acceleration

Motion Time Graphs

Measuring Speed Velocity Acceleration

Equations Of Linear Motion

Motion Under Gravity

Examples On Motion Under Gravity

Total Internal Reflection

Effects Of Total Internal Reflection

Newton’s First Law Of Motion

Newton’s Second Law Of Motion

Newton’s Third Law Of Motion

Weight Of Body On A Lift

Conservation Of Linear Momentum



Laws Of Friction

Applications Of Friction


Sources Of Energy

Renewable And Non Renewable Sources Of Energy

Forms Of Energy And The Law Of Energy Conservation

Work And Energy

Examples On Work And Energy

Kinetic Energy



Example On Machines


Wheel And Axle

The Inclined Plane


Hydraulic Machines

Current Electricity And Potential Difference

Properties Of Waves

Properties Of Waves Rectilinear Propagation

Properties Of Waves Refraction

Refraction Of Sound And Water Waves

Properties Of Waves Diffraction

Properties Of Waves Interference

Properties Of Waves Reflection

Constructive And Destructive Interference

Interference In Light

Stationary And Progressive Waves

Comparison Of Stationary And Progressive Waves

Review Of Electrostatics I

Electric Field Patterns

Charge Distribution On Conductors

Charges On Sharp Points

Capacitors And Capacitance

Charging And Discharging Capacitors


Combination Of Capacitors Capacitors In Series

Combination Of Capacitors Capacitors In Parallel

Examples On Combination Of Capacitors

Energy Stored In A Charged Capacitor

Applications Of Capacitors

Introduction And Factors Determining Heat Produced By Current

Electrical Energy And Power

Applications Of Heating Effect Of An Electric Current

Electrical Devices

Heat Capacity

Specific Heat Capacity

Specific Heat Capacity Of Solids

Change Of State

Latent Heat Of Fusion And Specific Latent Heat Of Fusion

Determination Of Latent Heat Of Fusion

Latent Heat Of Vaporization And Specific Latent Heat Of Vaporization

Factors Affecting Melting And Boiling Points


Applications Of Cooling By Evaporation

Boyle’s Law – Introduction

Boyles Law

Charles Law

Pressure Law

The Equation Of State

Gas Laws And Kinetic Theory Of Gases

Types Of Lenses

Definition Of Terms

Ray Diagrams

Characteristics Of Images Formed By Lenses convex Lens

Characteristics Of Images Formed By Lenses concave Lens

Linear Magnification

Magnification And Focal Length

Optical Devices Simple Microscope

Optical Devices Compound Microscope

The Human Eye

The Radian Angular Displacement Angular Velocity

Centripetal Acceleration

Centripetal Force

Graphical Interpretations And Equations

Case Examples Of Circular Motion 2

Case Examples Of Circular Motion 3

Motion In A Vertical Circle

Applications Of Uniform Circular Motion

Problem Solving

Archimedes’ Principle Laws Of Floatation

Upthrust Volume And Weight

Upthrust In Gases

Example On Upthrust In Gases

The Law Of Floatation

Upthrust And Relative Density

Applications Of Archimedes’ Principle And Relative Density

Electromagnetic Spectrum And Properties Of Electromagnetic Waves

Production Detection And Applications Of Electromagnetic Waves

Hazards Of Electromagnetic Waves

Electromagnetic Induction Introduction

The Induced Emf Using A Coil

Factors Affecting The Magnitude Of An Induced E M F

Fleming’s Right Hand Rule

Mutual Induction


Transformers Step Down Transformer

Transformers Step Up Transformer

The Transformer Equation

Mathematical Applications Of The Transformer Equation

Energy Losses In A Transformer

Other Applications Of Electromagnetic Induction Induction Coil And Moving Coil Loudspeaker

Sources Of Mains Electricity

Power Losses During Transmission

Domestic Wiring

Lighting Circuit

The Two Way Switch Circuit

The Cooker Circuit And The Ring Mains Circuit

The Three Pin Plug

Electrical Energy Consumption And Costing

Problems On Mains Electricity































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