uses of acids and bases

uses of acids and bases


Uses of Acids and Bases







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Uses of Acids and Bases


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Uses of acids and bases


Uses of acids and bases

Industries emit several gases and waste products into the environment leading to environmental pollution. Some of

these gases dissolve in rain water to form acid rain. This

rain reacts with stone work, iron roofs and other metallic surfaces causing damage. This effect is called corrosion.

When these acidic gases in the atmosphere are inhaled they cause respiratory disorders. Soil may become acidic due to

leaching and water logg. Such soil is unsuitable for the growth of many plants. Applications of Acids and Bases

Uses of acids

Carbonic Acid is used in aerated drinks to enhance taste. Hydrochloric acid is used to clean metal surfaces. Sulphuric

acid is used in car batteries, manufacture of fertilizers, etching of metals, manufacture of paints and detergents.

Nitric acid is used to manufacture of dyes, paints, explosives and fertilizers. Ethanoic acid and citric acid are used

as a flavour in foods. Table 3.11: Uses of bases


1. An indicator is a substance, which gives a definite colour in an acidic solution and a different definite colour in

a basic solution. 12. Universal indicator is a mixture of indicators, which shows strengths of acids or bases. 3.

Acids react with some metals to produce salt and hydrogen gas.


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