spore formation in fungi

spore formation in fungi


Spore Formation In Fungi Video







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Spore Formation In Fungi Video





These <b>Science</b> and <b>Mathematics videos </b>Ideal for wall projection.

Learning made easy for any Concept you may have missed during normal class sessions.

We have;

<b>Biology Videos</b>

<b>Chemistry Videos</b>

<b>Physics Videos</b> and

<b>Mathematics Videos</b>. Welcome








Classification I

Importance Of Biology

Characteristics Of Living Things

Collecting Specimens

Differences Between Plants And Animals

Cell Organelles – Nucleolus Mitochondria And Ribosomes

Cell Organelles – Lysosomes And Centrioles

Cell Organelles – Endoplasmic Reticulum And Golgi Apparatus

Cell Organelles – Chloroplast And Vacuoles

Temporary Slides

Estimating Size Of Cells

Cell Specialization

Organ And Organ Systems

Comparison Between Animal And Plant Cells

Cell Physiology

Structure And Properties Of Cell Membranes

Properties Of Cell Membranes

Movement Of Substances In And Out Of Cells

Definition Of Diffusion

Factors Affecting Diffusion

Role Of Diffusion In Living Things

Definition And Demonstration Of Osmosis

The Process Of Osmosis

Plant Water Relations – Osmotic Pressure

Factors Affecting Osmosis

Role Of Osmosis In Living Cells

Water Relations In Animal Cells

Water Relations In Plant Cells

Water Relations In Plant – Plasmolysis

Water Relations In Plant – Deplasmolysis

Wilting In Plants

Water Relations In Plant – Turgor Pressure

Demonstration Of Osmosis Using Plant Tissues

Meaning Importance And Types Of Nutrition

Autotrophism – Plants Making Their Own Food

Adaptation To Leaf To Photosynthesis

Structure And Function Of The Chloroplast

The Process Of Photosynthesis

Factors Influencing Photosynthesis

Mechanism Of Active Transport

Factors That Limit Photosynthesis

Testing For Starch In A Leaf

Necessity For Carbon (iv) Oxide In Photosynthesis

Necessity For Light In Photosynthesis

Necessity For Chlorophyll In Photosynthesis

Investigating Gas Produced During Photosynthesis

Disaccharides And Polysaccharides

Monosaccharides – Chemicals Of Life

Lipids – Chemicals Of Life


Enzymes – Biological Catalysts

Food Test For Starch

Food Test For Reducing Sugars

Food Test For Non-reducing Sugars

Food Test For Lipids

Food Test For Proteins

Food Test For Vitamin C

Transport In Plants

Transport In Plants 2

Plant Anatomy – The Root

Plant Anatomy – The Stem

Absorption Of Water And Mineral Salts

Transpiration In Plants

Internal Factors Affecting Transpiration

Environmental Factors Affecting Transpiration

Forces Involved In The Movement Of Water Up A Plant

Transport In Animals

Transport In Insects

Single And Double Circulation

The Mammalian Circulatory System

The Structure And Function Of The Mammalian Heart – External Structure

The Internal Structure Of The Mammalian Heart And Blood Flow

The Pumping Mechanism Of The Heart

Blood Vessels – Arteries Veins And Capillaries

Disease And Defects Of The Circulatory System

Structure And Function Of The Blood

Blood Groups And Blood Transfusion

Lymphatic System

Immune Response

Allergic Reactions And The Organ Transplant

Introduction To Gasesous Exchange

Gasesous Exchange In Plants – The Leaf And The Stomata

Gasesous Exchange In Through The Stem And Roots

Gasesous Exchange In Animals – Introduction

Gasesous Exchange In Terrestrial Insects

Gasesous Exchange In Bony Fish

Gasesous Exchange In Amphibians

Gasesous Exchange In Mammals

Regulation Of Breathing And Factors Affecting The Breathing Rate

Diseases Of The Respiratory System

Importance Of Respiration

The Mitochondria – Cell Organelle

Types Of Respiration

Oxygen Debt

Application Of Anaerobic Respiration

Respiratory Substances Ant Respiratory Quotients

Factors Affecting The Rate Of Respiration

Introduction To Excretion And Homeostasis

Excretion In Plants

Plant Excretory Products Of Economic And Medicinal Importance

Excretion And Homeostasis In Unicellular Organisms

Mammalian Excretory Products

Structure And Functions Of The Mammalian Skin

Structure And Functions Of The Mammalian Kidney And The Urinary System

Structure And Functions Of The Mammalian Nephron

Urine Composition And Quantity

Kidney Diseases And Disorder

Structure And Functions Of The Mammalian Liver

Diseases And Disorder Of The Liver

Principles Of Homeostasis

Importance Of Classification

Principles Of Classification

Binomial Nomenclature

Kingdom Monera

Kingdom Protoctista

Kingdom Fungi

Kingdom Plantae

Division Bryophyta

Division Pteridophyta

Division Spermatophyta

Subdivision Gymnospermatophyta

Subdivision Angiospermaphyta

Kingdom Animalia

Phylum Arthropoda

Class Pisces

Class Amphibia

Class Mammalia

Class Reptilia

Class Aves

Identification Of Organisms

Dichotomous Key

Ecology – Introduction

Factors Affecting An Ecosystem – Abiotic Factors

Factors Affecting An Ecosystem – Biotic Factors

Nitrogen Cycle

Flow Of Energy In An Ecosystem


Population Estimation Methods

Adaptations Of Plants To Various Habitats

Air Pollution

Water Pollution

Land Pollution

Radioactive Emission

Human Diseases – Bacterial Diseases

Human Diseases – Protozoan Diseases

Cell Division And The Chromosomes

Plant Growth And Development

Types Of Cell Mitosis

Types Of Cell Meiosis

Asexual Reproduction – Fission

Spore Formation In Fungi

Budding In Yeast

Sexual Reproduction In Plants And Animals – Flowering Plant

Pollination In Flowering Plants

Seed And Fruit Development

Classification Of Fruits

Placentation In Plants

Dispersal Of Seeds And Fruits

Sexual Reproduction In Animals

Reproduction In Mammals

Human Male Reproductive System

Human Female Reproductive System

Gamete Formation

Fertilisation And Gestation

The Role Of Hormones During Pregnancy

The Role Of Hormones In Menstrual Cycle

Secondary Sexual Characteristics

Sexually Transmitted Infections

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Sexual And Asexual Reproduction

Introduction To Growth And Development

Growth And Development In Plants Seed Structure

Seed Dormancy

Seed Germination

Growth Regions In Plants

Primary Growth In Plants

Secondary Growth In Plants

Role Of Growth Hormones In Plants

Growth And Development In Animals – Introduction

Metamorphosis In Insects

Role Of Growth Hormones In Insects


























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