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Experience God, know God, feel God, love and understand God, and finally realise Godhood.

“Take therefore no thought for the morrow; for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.” (Matt: 6:34).

Things of “this world” are understood as objects of sense – temporal, finite and temporary — and one does not struggle to get or save these.

“Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” — John 14:27

“Learn to sit and relax. Whether the case is sin, disease, lack, death, or unemployment; whether or not it is serious, sit down and relax.

Do not try to ‘handle’ it. Do not try to ‘work’ on it. Do not try to ‘treat’ it.

Sit back and, in silence, create a kind of vacuum for God, for the Spirit, to rush in.

Sit down and relinquish the thought that the human mind is a healer: The Christ is the healer.

The essence of the whole work we are doing is this: God is. God is, so let God work in us and through us to Its own end, and as Its own creation. Instead of continuing to use the words, God, God, God, let the actual realization of God do the work, since God is.”

Here are three principles of impersonalization to practice in order to help lift your life into a higher atmosphere and come into a more harmonious state of being:
In all thy ways acknowledge God, and it shall direct thy paths….

Be satisfied with that until God reveals to you, from within your own being, what God is, when God is, how God is. Let God reveal Itself to you.
When we attain pure Spirit will we have a mind?

Now watch this. If you think that God is going to do something to carnal mind, you lose your metaphysical demonstration.

You may get well but you’ll have to go back to material medica to do it.

Experience God, know God, feel God, love and understand God

You will not work out your salvation through Truth if you expect God to do something to evil, if you expect immortal Mind to do something to mortal mind, if you expect Spirit to do something to matter, if you expect spirituality to do something to materiality.

You have got to see, and you’ve got to see it in this minute, that there are not opposites

There is not God and evil.

There is not immortal Mind and mortal mind.

There is only One, and that One is God. And everything that you’ve been thinking of as evil is illusion.

Everything that you’ve been thinking of as evil is an appearance, a mental image in thought, without any substance, any cause, any reality, or any law to sustain it.

So it is, if I’m faced with a storm and I realize:

Now we are attuned and prepared to hear His word. Now we are ready to enter His kingdom.

Be at peace. My Spirit comforts and prospers you.

My grace is thy fulfilment. Sometimes when a teacher or practitioner tells a student that they are keeping their health, keeping their supply and their companionship away from themselves, they may ask, “How?”

All error is a universal belief which we accept and therefore manifest.

It is this acceptance of universal beliefs which causes you to believe you are sick or sinful.

You are separated from your good, or seem to be, through ignorance. If this were not so, all human experience would be seen as divine.

Therefore, whenever you are confronted with any form of disease, sin, death, lack or limitation, please be quick and realise,

“That is a fake mesmeric picture, and I do not have to do anything about it.”

With this you can very well have an instantaneous healing. And even if you do not, your sticking to that truth will ultimately remove it.

Nothing enters your experience except through your consciousness. Whatever it is that you are to experience in your life you must experience through your own consciousness. There is no outside God and there is no outside devil. There are no outside laws. Whatever it is that is operating in you is operating through and in your own consciousness.

Practically everyone who has had a spiritual experience has received some form of a promise—an assurance of a Presence and Power, an assurance of life immortal, an assurance of supply and protection.

People of developed spiritual consciousness recognize that human thought is powerless. Human thought is an avenue of awareness, but it is powerless.

Never forget that every evil circumstance in your life can be prevented.

In My presence is fulfilment. My peace I give unto you, but how can I give it to you, if you do not admit Me into your consciousness? How can I give it to you?

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