Agriculture CDs

Agriculture CDs

Virtual Class is an interactive e-content ( multimedia – text, sound, graphics and animations) for a particular class per subject covering a whole year’s work as per the Syllabus. 

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Inorganic Fertilizers
Essential Element
Essential Elements
Foliar Feed Fertilizer
Fertilizer Application
Methods of Application
Soil Sampling Methods
Zigzag Method
Traverse Method
Soil Testing
Planting Introduction
Selecting Maize
Planting Material
Selection of Material
Preparation of Material
Plant Population
Depth of Planting
Nursery Practices
Cutting For Planting
Nursery Bed
Tree Nursery
Good Mother Plant Pruning Young Plants
Management Practices
Vegetative Propagation Grafting
Propagation Method
Budding and Grafting

Tissue Culture Tissue Culture
Transplanting Seedlings
Field Practices Weeding
Crop Rotation
Importance of Mulching
Coffee Pruning
Coffee Pruning
Plucking Table Maintenance
Plucking Table
Maintenance Running tipping
Banana Stool Management
Cutting Back Pyrethrum
Training  Propping of Tomatoes
Trelishing of Plants
Earthing Up
Crop Protection
Control of Diseases and Pest
Post Harvest Practices
Vegetable Production
Importance of Vegetable
Tomato Production
Pruning Tomatoes
Tomato Pests and Diseases
E Production
E Production Harvesting
E Diseases and Pest

Carrot Production
Harvesting of Carrots
Onion Production
Livestock Health
Healthy animals
Healthy Animals
Keeping Animals Healthy
Disease Control Vaccination
Handling Livestock
Parasites in Livestock
Host parasite Relationship
External Parasites Tsetse
Parasites Control Tick
Internal Parasites
Liver Flukes
Livestock Nutrition Stock feeding
Livestock Feeding and Watering Calves
Feed Components
Mineral Salts
Classification of Feeds
Characteristics of Concentrates
Livestock Rations
Digestibility of Feeds
Digestive Systems
Digestion Non Ruminants

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Agriculture F1 CD
Agriculture F2 CD
Agriculture F3 CD
Agriculture F4 CD
Biology F1 CD
Biology F2 CD
Biology F3 CD
Biology F4 CD
Business F1 CD
Business F2 CD
Business F3 CD
Business F4 CD
Chemistry F1 CD
Chemistry F2 CD
Chemistry F3 CD
Chemistry F4 CD
Computer F1 CD
Computer F2 CD
Computer F3 CD
Computer F4 CD
English F1 CD
English F2 CD
English F3 CD
English F4 CD

Geography F1 CD
Geography F2 CD
Geography F3 CD
Geography F4 CD
History F1 CD
History F2 CD
History F3 CD
History F4 CD
Homescience F1 CD
Homescience F2 CD
Homescience F3 CD
Homescience F4 CD
Kiswahili F1 CD
Kiwsahili F2 CD
Kiswahili F3 CD
Kiswahili F4 CD
Mathematics F1 CD
Mathematics F2 CD
Mathematics F3 CD
Mathematics F4 CD
Physics F1 CD
Physics F2 CD
Physics F3 CD
Physics F4 CD